Residential Elevators

Elegant Residential ElevatorResidential Elevators are small elevators that are intended for use in a single-family dwelling to transport the occupants from one floor to another. Residential elevators are limited by the National Elevator Safety Code (ANSI A17.1) to a maximum platform area of 15 sq. ft, 950 lbs capacity, and a 40 FPM speed. It is possible to exceed these limitations only by a variance from the local Jurisdiction Housing Authority (JHA).

Texas Custom Elevator and Lift sells and installs premier residential elevators from manufacturers that have proven quality, reliability, and are nationally recognized. Texas Custom Elevator and Lift Inc. also offers custom-made, one-of-a-kind residential elevators for those that desire something unique.

By carrying various elevator manufacturers such as Rocky Mountain Elevator Products and Fox Valley Elevator, we can effortlessly match an elevator to your existing design and conditions. With so many drive types, car sizes, and varying construction conditions, we highly recommend that our design team be involved early in the design stage. Our extensive experience will help you to select the right residential elevators for your project without wasting your time or money. Contact Texas Custom Elevator and Lift for more information.

RMEP synchronized 3 speed gate system, with frameless glass